• Library & Information Centre

    Library & Information Centre at APSCE has adequate space for Circulation & Digital Library Section in Ground Floor with Reference & Technical Journals Section in 1st Floor with a seating capacity of 150 members. The Central Library has total document collections of over 35,309 Volumes of reference and textbooks with 4,786 distinct titles. It subscribes over 46 National and more than 19 internationally acclaimed print Journals covering of all branches of Engineering. Besides, it has over 188 bound volumes, 900 learning CD-ROMS, several Data Books, Project Reports, Micro documents, etc.,

    The completely automated Library Management System has made it easy to all its activities through Bar-Code interface with an EPAC facility. All the documents have been classified as per AACR II of Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and systematically shelved on Open Access.

  • Infrastructure

    The total area of the library is arround 585 sq.mts which comprises 238.82 sq. mts of Issue Block & Digital Library, 238.82 sq. mts of Reference Section and 107.95 sq. mts of PG Section.

    The library services have been automated with the software named “Easylib” professional library software. It is a menu driven, interactive, user-friendly package, designed with utmost care to meet the student's information needs, such as the availability of books, status of the books, user details etc. The library has fully automated.

  • Library Books & Journals
    Courses No. of titles No. of Volumes No. of Reference Books National Journals International Journals e-resourses
    ECE 1,089 7,775 1,201 11 5 Member of VTU Consortium through e-resource subscription

    • IET Online

    • Springer

    • Tylor & Francis

    • Proquest

    • Knimbus

    • e-books
    CSE 1,091 7,993 1,234 11 5
    TCE 904 6,461 1,079 6 2
    ISE 938 6,655 1,106 6 2
    ME 426 4,663 694 6 3
    CV 338 1,762 178 6 2
    Total 4,786 35,309 5,492 46 19
  • Digital Library

    A Digital Library with an excellent infrastructure has been setup at the Library in campus. It is an advanced system which gives you simple and one step access to all your electronic resources. It is a collection of texts, images, or data that has been digitized. You can browse and search all your Databases, E-Journals, E-Books & References in digital library.

    This has been a classic setup designed by college with latest Computers on Wireless LAN in accordance with access to e-resourses. The D-Link make Access Points and Wireless LAN Cards have been used.

  • Library Staff

    • Mrs. Joythi, Asstistant Librarian
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